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Turmeric Powder

Turmeric (Haldi): Known for its vibrant color and health benefits. Renowned for its golden hue and medicinal properties.


where the essence of Indian spices meets global kitchens. Our spices are a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of India

Cardamom (Elaichi)

Imparts a sweet and floral aroma to both sweet and savory dishes.

Indian flavors worldwide

opens the door to a world of premium Indian spices crafted to perfection. From the fiery allure of red chili to the warm embrace of cumin, our meticulously sourced.

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Join hands with Sham Patil Exports to bring the soulful tastes of India to every corner of the globe. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and ethical sourcing makes us the preferred choice for businesses seeking premium Indian spices for a world-class culinary experience.

Product Range

Our diverse spice portfolio includes the golden glow of turmeric, the aromatic notes of cardamom, and the fragrant embrace of garam masala. Every spice is meticulously selected from the finest regions, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor. Whether you’re a chef seeking authentic ingredients or a distributor catering to a discerning market, Sham Patil Exports provides a comprehensive suite of Indian spices that meet the highest quality standards.